About Maternity Claims

Q: Can I claim UIF Maternity benefits if my baby is over four months old?
A: Yes you may claim UIF Maternity benefits up until your baby is six (6) months old

Q: How long do I have to wait for my first payment to be paid into my account?
A: It can take between 5 to 8 weeks from the date your payment was submitted for you to receive your first payment. Once your application has been approved you will have to submit a UI4 form every month in order to receive your full four months claims.

Q: What if I have had different jobs in the last four years, can I still claim?
A: Yes you are able to still claim, you will just need to get your UI19 forms filled in by your previous employers.

Q: Can I claim UIF Maternity benefits if I have resigned from my job?
A: Yes you can claim UIF Maternity benefits, if you have resigned during this time. This is the only time you are able to claim UIF when you resign.

Q: What percentage of my salary will I receive from my UIF Maternity benefits?
A: You will receive between 35% and 58% of your salary

Q: How long am I allowed to take maternity leave for?
A: You are allowed to take a full four months (121 days) maternity leave.

Q: My employer is paying me a percentage of my salary; can I still claim UIF Maternity benefits?
A: Yes you are still able to claim UIF Maternity benefits as long as you do not receive 100% of your salary from your employer.

Q: Can I use a joint bank account for my UIF Maternity Benefits to be paid into?
A: No you cannot use a joint bank account; you have to have your own bank account using your name and surname as the account holder.

Q: Will I get my payments at the same time every month?
A: No you will not get you payment at the same time every month, as the payment times vary every month

Q: Do I get taxed on my UIF Maternity benefits?
A: No you do not get taxed on your UIF Maternity Benefits

Q: How will my benefits get paid?
A: Your benefits will be paid into your bank account