About UIF Illness Benefits

About Illness benefits

Workers that become ill have the right to claim illness benefits. Worker or their representatives (i.e. us as the Agency) must claim at the Department of Labour of their choice.

You can only claim if you are unable to work due to your illness.  Based on legislation in Section 14, Section 20, Section 36, of the Unemployment Insurance Act

Who cannot claim illness Benefits?

  • If you get benefits from the compensation fund, or an unemployment fund under the Labour relations Act
  • If you are receiving unemployment benefits from the UIF
  • If you have been suspended from claiming due to fraud
  • If you are ill for less than 14 days
  • If you are refusing medical treatment

You can only claim is you are unable to work because of your illness.

What is the time frame in order to claim?

You have 6 months in order to claim UIF. Thereafter it is too late.

How long can I claim UIF Illness benefits for?

You can claim for as long as you are on illness leave and until your money is used up or until you go back to work.

How do I go about using UIFServices?

You need to make the payment of R650.00, and send through proof of payment to accounts@uifservices.co.za. As soon as the proof of payment has been received, we will then send you all the required forms with instructions. We will help you along the way and check your forms via email or fax to make sure all is right. When I give the go ahead, you send all the originals to me to submit on your behalf.

How will I be paid?

Illness benefits payments will be paid directly into your bank account. Your payments are not taxed on either.

If you get more money than you should have. For example, if you go back to work earlier and they keep paying you, you need to pay the balance back.