Maternity UIF Package

Maternity UIF Claims Package R3500.00 Apply Online Now
A once off payment of R3500.00 is payable to Uif Services before any UIF claim services can be provided
UI-2.7 – Remuneration received by employee whilst still under employment
UI-2.8 – Application to pay UIF benefits into banking account
UI-4 – Application for continuation of payment for Maternity Benefits
UI-2.3 – Application for Maternity Benefits
UI-19 – Declaration and information of employee
Maternity Claim Checklist
Clear instructions on how to fill in all forms
UIF Services registration form/four month contract between you and UIF Services
Provide you with advice on claiming UIF Maternity Benefits
Submit your forms for you on your behalf for the maximum period of four months via the uFilling online system (This is a FREE service that we provide as part of our consultation package)
Clients are advised to follow-up with their claims directly with Department of Labour – unfortunately due to new legislation we are unable to do that for you
Note: We do not do follow ups with current or ex-employers, its the clients responsibility to make sure their Employers have updated them with Department of Labour