UIF Illness Benefits Services

UIF Services will provide you with the following services:

UIF Services will supply you with all the necessary Illness UIF claim documents together with detailed instructions to complete your forms correctly and a checklist to make sure you have all the correct forms to hand in.

Please Note: The Uifservices.co.za registration form, UIF claim forms, and checklist and instructions forms will only be sent to you once payment has been made. You will then receive your forms within 24 hours via email.

UIF Services will assist you in filling your forms to make sure everything is filled in correctly.

UIF Services will check your forms for any errors before handing them in at the Department of Labour.

UIF Services will submit your UIF Illness benefits applications to the Department of Labour on your behalf.

UIF Services will follow up and assist with any delayed, late payments or problems that may occur.

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On approval of your claim, UIF Services will submit the necessary documents to the Department of Labour every month for the duration of your Illness leave (For the first 4 months, and if you are still on Illness leave and there is still a balance owed to you, you would need to pay R650.00 for the next month’s submissions). 

Most importantly UIF Services gets your claims sorted for you so you don’t have to.

Should there be any additional services over and above what is mentioned that UIF Services has to do, there will be additional fees added.

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